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Leak in Chimney Jacksonville FL

Water leaks in and around chimneys can be hard to diagnose unless you understand how your fireplace and chimney are constructed.  In Jacksonville FL homeowners turn to All American Specialty Services for the best diagnosis and repair service at the fairest prices. Call 904-422-0504 or for more information.  In many cases a water leak can be determined just by the location of where you see the water.  If the water is at the ceiling inside the room or on the sheet rock or wall, it is likely the leak is at the flashing.

Fireplace Jacksonville FL

In north Florida it can come as a shock how many homes actually have a fireplace. But the ambiance and added value it adds to any property is well worth maintaining. All too often fireplace and chimney systems in the Jacksonville, Fleming island, Orange Park, Middleburg, Ponte Vedra, St Augustine, and other surrounding areas are over looked as an appliance that requires regular maintenance. Whether a fireplace is used once a year or a hundred times they are all subject to the same weather elements and the exterior portions including the chase, crown, flashing, chimney cap, chase pan, are all in need of regular inspection. There are literally thousands of chase pans, aka chase cover or chimney cover, in need of replacement. To read more about the extreme importance of this part of your fireplace and chimney system go to click on the chimneys page and scroll down for an entire section dedicated to chase pans in Jacksonville FL. The interior components of a fireplace and chimney system are just as important and also require an annual inspection. Creosote build up is not only a fire hazard but it is also acidic. Yes! It will eat your metal fireplace from the inside! This means that without regular preventative maintenance you may find your home with an unsafe fireplace not only lowering the value of your home but putting your family and prized possessions at risk! For more information or to schedule an inspection, chimney sweep, or chimney repair call 904-422-0504 and have the best value fireplace and chimney professionals take care of your home and family.

Chimney cleaning Jacksonville FL

Sometimes when living in Florida it is easy to overlook the importance of chimney cleaning. When it comes to this important safety precaution you need a company that you can rely on, and that believes in a higher degree of service than the competition. In Jacksonville FL that company is All American Specialty Services 904-422-0504. With over a decade of experience and an impeccable customer service record this is a company that holds itself and everyone in its organization to a higher standard than you are accustom too.

Jacksonville Florida Fireplace and Chimney Repair

We are a service company that believes their is no substitute for hard work, customer service, and doing things right. Our service professionals believe in always going above and beyond the call of duty to provide Jacksonville FL the most up to date and the very best options available in regards to their fireplace and chimney repairs and service. In Jacksonville FL many homeowners rely on the professionals at All American Specialty Services LLC for their fireplace and chimney repairs because of these reasons.

Chimney Caps Jacksonville FL

Some people are surprised at the number of fireplaces and chimneys in Jacksonville FL.  Thousands of these fireplaces and chimneys either have a damaged or rusted chimney cap, or even worse no chimney cap at all!  Chimney caps serve more than one purpose.  One of the most important is that they stop the what sometimes seems to be the never ending rain in Jacksonville FL from entering into the chimney and fireplace.  In both prefabricated chimneys and masonry chimneys water is a source of damage that cannot be overlooked.

Fireplace in Jacksonville FL

Once upon time there was a fireplace and chimney in Jacksonville FL.  It was so proud to be put into a home for a family to enjoy for years to come.  After years and years of enjoyment the fireplace developed a cough so the homeowner called the professionals at All American Specialty Services to diagnose and solve the problem.  All American Specialty Services sent a chimney sweep to help the sick chimney.  The chimney sweep showed up on time, was knowledgeable, and courteous.  After checking the fireplace inside the chimney sweep climbed on the roof and found that the chimney had a rusty chase pan.  The professional chimney sweep knew to inform the homeowner right away as to the series of problems that would plague the fireplace and chimney.  After providing a chimney sweep, chase pan, and chimney cap repair, the fireplace was back in tip top shape and ready for many more years of enjoyment!

Chimney Repair

From a general chimney sweep to extensive chimney repair.  Jacksonville FL can trust All American Specialty Services to exceed your expectations.  If you know the exact chimney repair needed or you are in search of a professional opinion, we have the service technitions with the knowledge and capabilities to solve all your chimney repairs. 
If your prefabricated fireplace is leaking it is a sign that your chase pan has rusted. This is a very important chimney repair in Jacksonville FL!

Chimney Sweep Jacksonville FL

When Jacksonville FL needs a professional chimney sweep they can count on All American Specialty Services to provide fast, knowledgeable, and -trustworthy service.   It is important to have your fireplace and chimney inspected and/or serviced by a chimney sweep annually.  Especially after heavy storms, being hit by debris, after a chimney fire, or any other problems occur.  Through a variety of inspection techniques, a professional chimney sweep will be able to diagnose any concerns of the home or business owner.

Chase pans in jacksonville FL

As I drive around the biggest city in the United States, I can't help but notice all the rusty chase pans!  A chase pan covers the top of a prefabricated fireplace and chimney.  Its purpose is to keep water out of the hollow chase that the chimney is housed inside.  Once this pan rusts to the point that water penetrates there is nothing stopping the water from leaking down into or on top of the firebox.  If this problem is not addressed quickly the firebox will rust through and the entire fireplace and chimney system will need to be replaced.