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Leak in Chimney Jacksonville FL

Water leaks in and around chimneys can be hard to diagnose unless you understand how your fireplace and chimney are constructed.  In Jacksonville FL homeowners turn to All American Specialty Services for the best diagnosis and repair service at the fairest prices. Call 904-422-0504 or for more information.  In many cases a water leak can be determined just by the location of where you see the water.  If the water is at the ceiling inside the room or on the sheet rock or wall, it is likely the leak is at the flashing.

Pressure Washing Jax 904-422-0504 Oh my my how the time flies bye!! Can you believe it's already the end of May!! The kids are stirring at the edge of their summer break and the heat is setting in. If you are the type of person who loves to have a beautiful home but don't have the time to wash it, leave it to the all americans. We are the best at pressure washing jax!! Combined with the fairest prices in the industry we are sure that you will need to look no further for your power washing, soft washing, roof washing, and general exterior washing needs. Think about it... Is your time better spent getting all dirty pressure washing the mold, mildew, dirt, and debris that has accumulated on the exterior of your home or spending time with family and friends relaxing. Leave the dirty work to us! Call 904-422-0504 for a free no obligation quote and experience the difference of the best pressure washing Jax has to offer. Visit our website to see actual jobs we have completed and read about who we are and what we believe.

Jacksonville FL Pressure Washing

If you are the kind of person that believes the best quality service should come at a fair price than you have come to the right place. When Jacksonville FL is in need of a service company who believes in offering the fairest pressure washing prices in the industry they turn to All American Specialty Services. With customer satisfaction at the top of our list of concerns we always go beyond what you expect in order to exceed your expectations. We just happen to be the best pressure washing company in Jacksonville FL.

Pressure Washing Fleming Island FL

When in search of the best pressure washing in Fleming Island FL look no further than If you believe that the best quality service should come at a fair price than All American Specialty Services is the first and last company you will need to call. By exceeding your expectations and doing it at a fair price we look forward to earning your business year after year. We just happen to be the best pressure washing company in Fleming Island FL. Don't waste your time and money renting a pressure washer just to find that it doesn't have the power to get the job done right.

Roof Washing Jacksonville FL

If you are looking for roof washing in Jacksonville FL and you believe that a service company should go above and beyond the call of duty to earn your business, call 904-422-0504 and let All American Specialty Services exceed your expectations by providing the best service at the fairest prices in the industry. When your roof becomes covered with debris and/or turns black from mold trust the licensed and insured professionals to get rid of all the mildew, mold, dirt, and debris and restore the beauty to your shingles that they once had. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new roof, save your hard earned money and get the same provin results with a roof washing in Jacksonville FL. For more information and to learn more about All American Specialty Services visit or call 904-422-0504 for a free no obligation quote

Pressure Washers Jacksonville FL

Thinking about doing some house washing? Don't spend hours of your precious time with a rented pressure washer that doesn't have the power needed to do the job right. Call 904-422-0504 for the best pressure washers in Jacksonville FL. All American Specialty Services has the most professional service at the fairest prices. Don't trust your home to anyone else. We believe that not only should your home be treated as if it were our own. We believe in doing more and exceeding expectations.

Dryer Vent Installer orange Park FL

If you are in search of the best dryer vent installer or dryer vent cleaning in Orange Park FL call 904-422-0504 or visit for the best in the industry. Locally owned and operated the professionals at All American Specialty Services have been providing the best quality work at the fairest prices in Orange Park year after year. We believe that providing top quality service for dryer vent installation, repair, or service is an important standard maintnance for your home or business. Dryer vents catch more homes on fire each year than chimneys. This is due to the low ignition temperature of the extremely flammable lint being exhausted through the system. They also can cause water damage and/or mold. If the vent is longer than 5ft chances are it will clog and become less efficient. Often this causes the moist air in the duct to become trapped and settle in pools of water. The systems are typically not water tight and this causes water leaks and mold. Through routine maintnance these hazards can be avoided and your utility bill will be lowered in the process. The harder your dryer works to push the air out the higher your utility bill. So if you are in need of a dryer vent installer or dryer vent cleaner in Orange Park FL and you believe as we do in getting the best service at the fairest prices call 904-422-0504 and let us exceed your expectations.

Dryer Vent Repair and Installation Jacksonville FL

In Jacksonville FL it is not uncommon to find that the dryer vent in your home is damaged, installed using improper materials, or not venting to an outside air source. At All American Specialty Services we believe in providing the best quality professional dryer vent repair or installation at the fairest prices around. Whether your dryer vent terminates in the attic, in the wall, or just can't be found let our team of professionals work for you and use years of expertise to find an solve your dryer vent problems. From standard dryer vent cleaning to complete reroutes and repairs call 904-422-0504 and experience the difference. To see a complete list of our services and to see completed projects visit and browse around. We are looking forward to being the first and last service company you call.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Middleburg FL

In Middleburg FL homeowners trust All American Specialty Services for their dryer vent cleaning. Because we believe in impeccable service without compromise. Because we treat every home as if it is our own. Because we treat each customer as if they are family. We just happen to be the best dryer vent cleaning company as well. Whether it is a delinting, a dryer vent repair, or a dryer vent installation All American Specialty Services has the professional experience to provide the on time no hassle service that you and your home deserve. A clogged dryer vent is hazardous in numerous ways. It is hazardous to your home because lint has a low ignition temperature and can start a fire. If not a fire it can collect water causing leaks and/or mold in your home. It is hazardous to your clothes because if they do not dry completely they can sour and we all know how hard it is to remove that sour smell from our clothes. It is also harmful to your wallet. As you run the dryer cycle after cycle your electricity or gas bill just keeps ticking up up up. So call the best service company in the area at 904-422-0504 to schedule your dryer vent cleaning and visit to see our other services, projects we have completed, and what we believe.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Orange Park FL

Does your dryer take more than one cycle to dry clothes? It is most likely do to a clogged dryer vent aka dryer exhaust duct. Call 904-422-0504 for no hassle pricing and let the professionals at All American Specialty Services get the lint out. It will not only increase your dryer efficiency, it will also decrease your electric or gas bill. In Orange Park FL many dryer vents exhaust vertically through the roof. Over time the lint builds up on the walls of the vent reducing air flow and increasing the risk of fire! Don't become a statistic. Call the company that believes in providing exceptional service at the fairest price around. All American Specialty Services believes that to advertise $45 for dryer vent cleaning Just to get a phone call is dishonest and not a good business practice. Once you call the companies advertising that price they will upsell other services or change the price do to the length of your dryer vent. Call the All Americans who have the tools and expertise to provide the best dryer vent cleaning in the industry at the fairest, straight forward, and standard pricing. Visit for more information on who we are and what we believe.