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Interesting Time Lapse of Chase Cover and Wind Shroud Installation
Look up when playing the 8th hole at Eagle Harbor Country Club to get a nice look at this beauty of a chimney repair. Chase cover deterioration is at epidemic levels in Jacksonville FL and the surroun...

Jacksonville FL, chimney sweep, chimney repair, roof leak, chimney cap, fireplace, Because we care about you, your family, and your home. Because as Americans we must help inspire greatness in every one we meet.

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We get to the top of your water leak issue... Chimney cleaning, Chimney sweeping, and chimney repair in Jacksonville Florida 

Beautiful St. John's river at dusk from atop a chimney in Jacksonville FLChimneys in and around the Jacksonville Florida area are in need of a chimney sweep and notorious for leaking water, causing thousands of dollars in damages to your home. All American Specialty Services is solving these problems with the highest quality products at the fairest pricing in the industry. We fabricate many of our metal products in house, cutting out the middle man and saving you money!

Founded in 2011, All American Specialty Services has been on an upward slope ever since its' inception.  As a full service fireplace and chimney company, we found our nitch in Jacksonville FL early on as the epidemic of rusty chase covers and chimney caps was all too common day in and day out. These seemingly small or unseen issues are leading homeowners down a path of despair as their roofers can't find or fix the water leak, causing thousands of hard earned dollars to be spent on unnecessary repairs that often don't solve the issue. Since you have made it to our website, you can now rest assure that your fireplace and/or chimney issues are in the best hands in the business. Book online, pick your free gift, and sit back knowing the All Americans have your back.  
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We hope you can find everything you need Jacksonville FL. All American Specialty Services is committed and focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations! Since 2011 Jacksonville FL
has turned to the best, most reliable, chimney sweeps on the First Coast and surrounding areas.  Everything you find on our site is our work.  We do not use stock photos. Customers are amazed at the importance of maintaining a fireplace and chimney.  The wind and rain mixed with the salty air creates the perfect environment for rust.  Rusty chimney tops are an epidemic from Fernandina Beach to St Augustine Beach, Baldwin to Middleburg.  The underlying unseen, sometimes for years, problems that occur due to a chimney leak in a prefabricated fireplace can reek havoc and even create a potential fire hazard!Prefab Fireplace Repair Jacksonville FL, chimney sweep, chase cover replacement, chimney pan, chimney cap
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Pressure Washing
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Welding- Metal Fabrication and Repair
Location: Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas
With a variety of offerings to choose.  From a chimney sweep to dryer vent cleaning.  Pressure washing to metal fabrication in Jacksonville FL.  We are excited to work with you and show you energy saving opportunities along with providing specialty services to keep your largest investment in tip top shape.  Getting a chimney sweep and dryer vent cleaning are important safety precautions when it comes to safeguarding your home and family. So putting it off can lead to terrible circumstances.  Thousands upon thousands of homes are caught in the terrible situation every year of having a fire from the failure to get a chimney sweep or dryer vent cleaning every year.  We also provide Jacksonville FL with the best pressure washing, soft washing, roof washing, house washing, pressure cleaning value any where.  Call us and get a free estimate!  We're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
We also provide extensive inspections for all of our services.  If you see signs of water around your chimney, fireplace, or dryer vent All American Specialty Services will root out the problem and fix it!
We also service Orange Park, Fleming Island, St Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St Johns, and More!!!
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Chimney chase cover, chimney cap, chimneys, chimneyChase cover repair Jacksonville Florida, Chimney Cap repair services, best Chimney service near meThis part of the chimney top can be called a variety of things. We call it a chase cover. It can also be referred to as the chase pan, chimney pan, chimney cap, chase cap, chimney topper, that thing at the top of my chimney,... the list goes on.. The problem with homeowners not knowing what they have is that this seemingly small piece of your chimney system is actually the only thing acting as your roof. Once water gets through, it works its way into the attic, down the pipes, into your insulation, rotting wood framing, tearing up wood floors, destroying sheet rock ceilings, ruining walls,  and even rusting out the fireplace itself making it a fire hazard. 

  Many homes in Jacksonville Florida built in the 1980s and 1990s still have their original chase covers made from thin gauge galvanized steel. The collars were tabbed on and then sealed with silicone caulk. 20 to 30 years down the road now all of these covers are rusting and leaking and wreaking havoc on homes in and around the first coast.  All American specialty services is solving the problem using high-quality heavy gauge welded aluminum that will never rust.